NetCraft Week 2019 - The New Journey of Cyber Security - Zero Trust


Thank you for all customers and vendors support, NetCraft Week 2019 event (20 June) would not have been so successful without yours support!
In this event, we invited more than ten manufacturers from China, Hong Kong and Macau to participate and shared relevant solutions to the newly launched Macau Cyber Security Law. Among them, Qi-Anxin, a well-known enterprise security brand from China, was invited to share the global, China and Macau Internet security laws, hence, advice difference angle to address such law’s requirements.
With the newly launched Cybersecurity Law in early June, Macau enterprises need to take action in adapting to the new rules before the effective date. Governments, casinos, banks and large enterprises are more likely to be targets of hackers. It is a great challenge for them in how to understand whether the organization's network is safe, whether it can effectively respond to cyber-attacks and prevent data leakage.
NetCraft has prepared a comprehensive solution in supporting our customers by understand, analyze, deploy and prevent security outbreak. NetCraft is ready to support our customers to adopt the new challenges from Macau Cyber Security Law.
Once again, we would like to thank all customers and vendors for their enthusiastic participation in the event!

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