Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

NetCraft takes seriously our responsibilities to Support Macau community. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is already part of our mission. We encourage our employees to volunteer for charitable work to serve those in need. We strive for ongoing development and believe caring and make contribution to the communities can play a fundamental role and empower our youth for a bright future.

In Macau, we have been accredited under some non-profit making associations. Promoting partnership with many non-profits making parties, our attention inspires corporate social responsibility and a commitment to caring for the community, employees etc.

In recent years, we actively participate in initiatives organized by different charity parties aims to raise awareness and importance of caring and make contribution to change people’s attitudes.

In addition to our involvement with blood donation, visiting elderly and vulnerable groups, we also play an active role in other charities and support groups – we pride ourselves on having energetic and motivated volunteers who are passionate about helping those in need.

Never stopping care represent our enduring efforts and commitment to Macau community.