IT Infrastructure Management

Under limited resources environment, IT admin facing similar situation, such as multi-brand hardware, software, application, development and daily operation works. Admins do not have enough time to monitor systems, review logs and reports, learn new systems, operate with multi brands/portals and maintain daily operations.

Therefore, a reliable, intelligent, easy to use, support multi brands / protocols systems would be an advantage to enterprise, can release more resources to cover other operation works.

NetCraft Offers:

IT Lifecycle & Endpoint Management
We provide a series of lifecycle management system for endpoints and devices. Lifecycle management system provides an accurate console for managing thousands of devices from a single server.

Network and System Monitoring
We provide a complete solution for enterprise to monitor the entire network performance and devices’ status that enables you to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network problem and outages.

Security Information & Event Management
Security information and event management system enables organization to collect, store, and analyze log data as well as monitor and respond to security events to meet IT risk and compliance requirements.