Products & Solutions
  • IT Infrastructure
    IT infrastructure’s flexibility, reliability, business continuity, disaster recovery, system automation are critical and highly required for end-user. To maintain a high level of competitive advantage in the market, IT executives need to develop a flexible and resilient platform to support the idea of “Anywhere Operations” to allow customers to access services everywhere. Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud is a trend to provide reliable service, risk distribution and optimal cost.
  • Security
    Our security services focus on providing consultations and services. We have taken the advantage of digitalization and evolves the traditional security services into four components:“Security Consultation Service" , "Security Analysis and Response Service”, " security Assessment”and "Security Operation Service" , where we ought to bring in new insights from the planning stage to executing stage.
  • Cloud Computing
    Enterprise applications enable an organization to improve productivity and efficiency. E-commerce apps make it easier for customers to buy and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Business Solutions
    Traditional IT solutions are often designed for specific functions or requirements, and it is easy to overlook and miss out on the business objective and value. NetCraft proposes business solutions differently. We focus on the goals, needs, directions and pain points of the business, business directions and pain points. We intend to provide innovative solutions, including business logic, user experience, customization, and sustainable development.
  • Extra-Low Voltage(ELV) Construction
    ​Modernization is all around us. Analog phone, analog CCTV, conferencing system, physical security, lighting system, manual controls are all digitalizing. Through smart technology, automation systems and IoT systems to enhance security, safety, energy efficiency, management system, monitoring system so that manpower could be reallocated to create additional value/productivities and to improve ROI.
  • Esri ArcGIS ® Solution
    NetCraft is the sole partner with Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited providing ArcGIS® software and Geographic Information System (GIS) related professional solutions in Macau.