Business Solutions

Traditional IT solutions are often designed for specific functions or requirements, and it is easy to overlook and miss out on the business objective and value. NetCraft proposes business solutions differently. We focus on the goals, needs, directions and pain points of the business, business directions and pain points. We intend to provide innovative solutions, including business logic, user experience, customization, and sustainable development.

GIS Visualization Platform

GIS solution is an integration of map and information. Different data, including image, text, video, IoT, big data, etc., can be displayed in data visualization through the same platform. With the AI engine, real-time situation data analytics can support customers to have an accurate vision and achieve future development goals.

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IoT Solutions

In the rise of the Internet of Everything(IoT) and Digitalization, IoT devices and sensors play an essential role in collecting various data. With the help of AI data analysis, we can customize system ride on customer's strategies and optimize operation management for end-users, support customer to enhance their business with new information.



Computer Vision

Computer vision uses images, photos, combining AI and deep learning technology. It enables computers to "watch" and “recognize” objects. Through “learning", computer vision can perform excellent functions consistently and allow users to process daily decisions and operations more accurately.



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