VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Formly Avi Networks)

VMware acquired Avi Networks, which is known for its enterprise-level, software-defined load balancing and web application firewall (WAF) solutions. it entered the application delivery controller (ADC) market and enjoyed an excellent leading position. It is the ONLY solution in the industry that fully covers the network and security from Layer 2 to Layer 7.

VMware NSX Advanced Server Load software load balancing can help companies face sudden increases in network traffic, such as large-scale work at home for employees, multiplication of network services, etc. Its characteristic is to provide customers with a data center/hybrid cloud environment through software rather than hardware. It has:

  1. Rapid deployment: Both the primary/backup data center and public cloud can be quickly deployed

  2. Cost-saving: The only way to have global load balancing, cache acceleration, application firewall WAF, log analysis, etc. at the same time in a software way. There is no need to incur additional costs for separate purchases based on functions

  3. Centralized management: For this load balancing module in different environments (data center, cloud) of the enterprise, centralize management and maintenance at the same time.


Through the above three advantages, it is a powerful tool to improve the efficiency of enterprises' external large-scale transaction systems, remote work access (VDI, mail), and multi-cloud deployment of applications, helping enterprises to greatly increase the deployment speed and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Graph 1: Show Multi Cloud / Hybrid Cloud Deployment and all the function and features of the AVI can do.

NW Photo 1(3).jpg

Graph 2: Show the high level Architecture which includes multi platform and single management platform with built-in visibility & Analytics.

NW Photo 2(2).jpg